Providing Process Improvement Solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket’s “sweet spot” of vehicles typically 6 to 12 years old continues to show strong support for growth and is projected to expand rapidly after 2018. The aftermarket segment which includes the manufacturing, distribution, retailing and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories is focused on keeping vehicles on the road operating safely and efficiently.

Automotive Aftermarket companies are driven to deliver the right part, at the right time, at competitive prices. While the growth of e-commerce is providing new channel opportunities, competitive market forces will continue to apply margin pressure, leaving little room for error and operating inefficiencies. Whether your customers are dealerships, commercial customers, do-it-yourself (DIY) or do-it-for-me (DIFM) or a mix of the above, there is a business need to reduce operating costs and ship perfect orders the first time. Vocollect Voice is a competitive differentiator that you can fully leverage to improve your operational processes.

Driving the greatest efficiency and accuracy to achieve those objectives with your operational processes is where Vocollect Voice can help. Vocollect Voice Solutions provide you with streamlined best-in-class business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency. We will help you identify additional ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater worker accuracy.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Increased order throughput with a proven ability to reduce errors by 80%
  • Improved worker productivity and workforce throughput
  • Improved worker safety with ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-FreeTM’ ergonomics
  • Reduced training time to quickly onboard temporary and new workers