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How AccuNurse Works
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Step 1 - Awareness Questions
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Step 2 - Reminder for Appointments
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Step 3 - Review Positioning
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Step 4 - End of Shift Reports
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Step 5 - Review Updates
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Step 6 - Reviewing and Documenting Transfers
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Step 7 - Documenting Meals with Clinical Notes
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Step 8 - Document Bathing
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Step 9 - Page Concern
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Step 10 - Document Weight
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Hands-Free Resident Workflows with Honeywell AccuNurse

Honeywell AccuNurse voice solution provides caregivers with real-time access to care plans, clinical data, and resident interventions. Honeywell AccuNurse helps assisted living and long-term care leaders make substantial and lasting improvements to the performance of their organizations, with a proven care entry and feedback system used in dozens of long-term care facilities.

Process Improvement

Optimize and improve plan of care mobility

By providing more efficient and flexible voice-assisted plan of care instructions with hands-free multi-tasking and more efficient shift transitions with less administrative charting time.

Voice Data Capture

Real-time point-of-care data capture

By eliminating the need for outdated kiosk carts (and copycat charting) that enhances resident care shift transition focus, while providing greater reimbursement transparency.

Greater Resident Care

Empower team to provide greater attention

By reducing administrative ADL efforts and increase overall team communications, and provide real-time ADL resident trending information.

Enhance Care & Improve Efficiencies At Your Living Facility

At Honeywell, we understand your residents have more acute & complex conditions, reimbursements are smaller, and lengths of stays are shorter. The emergence of ACOs and other performance-based payment systems are placing even more pressure on your care staff to exceed performance benchmarks. To thrive in this competitive and intense environment, your business needs to think differently and embrace innovation as a tool in gaining a competitive edge.


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