Improving delivery accuracy and supply chain inefficiencies

Many of our automotive logistics customers provide in-plant services to streamline automotive plant line sequencing. Vocollect Voice has been successfully used in cross dock operations to help make your people more productive, your organization more efficient, and your company more competitive. We help our customers achieve the highest level of delivery reliability, including the improved support for milk-run distribution and collection. Our mission is always to help you provide operationally effective systems that offer potentially significant supply chain cost reductions.

We understand the demands of the automotive market, and getting the right parts delivered at the right time and with the right quantity is a key component to your success. Vocollect Voice has an extensive and long successful history working with customers in automotive logistics as they work with their customers to get to market. Our voice solutions can help you improve parts availability, optimize your inventory, reduce lead- and cycle-time, and improve order accuracy. Our automotive logistics customers actively work to reduce costs and inefficiencies, while improving processes which is reflected in their customer service scorecards. We help our customers to simplify their processes and services by helping our logistics customers better manage their processes, so they are able to spend more time focused on service, productivity and innovation.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Increase order throughput to better support timely order fulfillment requirements
  • Improve order accuracy and improve truck loading configurations
  • Help your customers reduce in-plant inventory needs
  • Help reduce excess inventory with greater order fulfillment accuracy 
  • Streamline cross dock operations for more efficient line sequencing staging
  • Enhance milk-run logistics set-up and loading organization