Maximize Throughput Volume

Your business is growing, and you need to increase your throughput to keep pace and support your multi-channel order fulfillment requirements. How can you generate more output and process more orders, often driven by your direct to customer fulfillment, with the existing organization and your present facilities?

Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions can help you increase your worker throughout by eliminating time spent using their hands and eyes to shuffle papers, labels, or review screens and keyboards. With our hands-free, eyes-free solutions, workers perform their assigned tasks quicker.

Implementing Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions in multiple workflows will help you reengineer and transform your existing processes to provide maximum proficiency in ways that dramatically improve your throughput and help you reduce operating bottlenecks. Vocollect Voice enables you to better manage your inventory with exacting precision, resulting in providing you with the ability to support higher volume throughput without increasing workers or facilities.