Optimizing Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) Lean Manufacturing Efficiencies

When Henry Ford’s book , ‘Today and Tomorrow’ was published in 1926, it was embraced by those who believed in the basic principles for JIT supply networks. With a philosophy that calls for eliminating all sources of waste, including unnecessary inventory and scrap in production, JIT has had a significant effect on inventory control, purchasing, and suppliers.

The ability to support JIT with JIS product availability offers the most effective, Kanban replenishment. The combination though requires parts/component staging accuracy that must be achieved within the required delivery windows. The enablement of these requirements is the core strength of Vocollect Voice and the reason why Vocollect Voice is leading the global voice market to greater heights.

Business Value provided by Vocollect Voice Solution:

  • Helps ensure that workers are properly prepared for JIT production needs
  • Helps enable JIS parts and components are available at desired time slots
  • Helps ensure that Kanban carts and stocking zones are at required levels at shift start
  • Improved inventory accuracy through real-time visibility into on-hand balance (OBH)
  • Helps you operate a new technology within a union environment to create reasonable and fair performance standards
  • Helps ensure greater quality production efforts by using voice-directed process workflows to support SOPs
  • Provides management detailed shift reporting and worker analytics to maximize performance