Honeywell's mobile computing devices are part of our overall "engineered systems", designed with a single purpose in mind – unleashing higher business performance through voice. Vocollect voice also is available on the industry's leading handheld devices.

Vocollect Talkman A700 Solution 

Vocollect introduced the concept of the voice-enabled warehouse, and today, as the leader in the voice industry, we offer the most comprehensive end-to-end voice solution in the world. The Honeywell Vocollect Talkman A730 mobile device represents over 25 years of gathering extensive industry domain expertise and Honeywell's ability to combine our purpose-built, best-in-class workflow process components to help you create a voice solution that meets your unique business needs, while maximizing your existing IT investment.

The Honeywell Vocollect Talkman A730 device contains an integrated short-range scanner, which enables workers to use both voice direction and scanning to fully optimize a process in an ergonomic, wearable form factor that eliminates workers from having to deal with a luggable device. It is small and easy to unholster for occasional scanning. A worker can even scan hands-free by speaking a voice command to activate the scanner when moving boxes with labels past the scan target while the A730 rests on a worker’s belt.

Designed to deliver consistent performance and ease of use in the most challenging environments, the imager is equipped with a red scanning line and highly visible pointer to facilitate successful scans in darkness or full sunlight. Its corner framers make image capture and multi-code reading intuitive and comfortable. Transitioning to the A730 is easy for employees to learn and use.

The Talkman A730 seamlessly integrates the market leading Intermec EA30 imager into the device. This provides a 2D imager that is 50 times more motion tolerant than standard 2D imagers, and doesn’t require bar code alignment to read. This results in simple and accurate hands-free scanning without concern about label orientation for your voice-enabled workforce.

Honeywell Vocollect Speech Recognition Headsets

Only Honeywell offers voice recognition-optimized headsets that are purpose-built by for voice-centric applications.

In addition to the SRX2 wireless headset, we offer wired headsets to support the unique needs of freezer environments, high-noise environments, hard hat workers, and lightweight uses.  Headset styles include versions worn behind-the-head or over top of the head. SR series headsets provide investment protection with ruggedness and reparability considerations, while SL series headsets provide unique comfort and a highly approachable appearance.  With multiple options, you will find an optimized headset choice available to meet your specific requirements. 

SRX2 Wireless Headset

The Honeywell Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset from Vocollect sets an entirely new standard for how workers work in the distribution center. The SRX2 wireless headset greatly enhances the worker experience by providing the most comfortable and ergonomic wireless headset option available for the distribution center worker. When combined with Vocollect’s ground breaking SoundSense voice recognition technology, the SRX2 wireless headset offers unmatched accuracy. The innovative, shareable component design enables shared use of electronics across multiple shifts, reducing both the up-front cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. The Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol ensures zero loss of speech data, thus providing the highest levels of accuracy and worker performance.

Download the Honeywell Vocollect SRX2 Headset Datasheet


SR-40 Headset








For high noise areas, with conveyors, fork trucks, and other loud machinery running, the SR-40 is the perfect headset to keep your team productive. The dual cup design provides clear direction while canceling out the noises that could interfere with tasks being done.


 SR-35 Headset








For associates who wear hard hats, the SR-35 headset is the perfect solution for high noise industrial areas.


SR-30/SR-31 Headset









The SR-30/SR-31 headset offers a single cup solution for high noise areas.


SR-20/SR-21 Headset










The SR-20/SR-21 headset is a lightweight, single cup headset that is perfect for general warehouse use.


SL-14 Headset







 The SL-14 provides our lightest headset experience ever, with a single earpiece, available in both right- and left- side versions.  Equipped with Vocollect’s TCO connector, the SL-14 fits to the Talkman A720, T5m, T5, T2x and older TCO-equipped products.


Download the Honeywell Vocollect Wired Headsets Datasheet