Government Regulation You Can Afford: Dependable, Cost-Effective Traceability

You're faced with changing and expanding regulatory requirements. You need to ensure compliance with ePedigree requirements, maintain tracking records of lot / batch / serial / country-of-origin, to comply with FDA traceability requirements and more. And you've got to find a way to help make your compliance costs affordable.

Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions will help you achieve cost-effective and reliable compliance with lot track-and-trace regulations. Our solutions also support compliance with ePedigree requirements and the need to track lot / batch / country-of-origin records on all line items.

As the leader in the voice industry, we offer the most comprehensive integrated voice solution for grocery distribution centers around the world. In fact, Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions is now used by 88% of the Top 50 North American Grocers, as listed by SuperMarket News, April 2013 and 84% of the top 25 worldwide food retailers, as listed by SuperMarket News, October 2013.

Industry questions continue about the new and existing traceability regulations in the Food Safety Modernization Act and many operations executives want to ensure that their organizations are still able to be compliant without compromising the financial benefits of increased productivity and accuracy, often achieved through voice. Rest assured that Vocollect Voice, combined with a WMS that has enabled the capture of the voice pick code is able to support customers achieve their traceability compliance requirements with minimal impact to worker productivity and without having to invest in additional hardware or scanning devices. 

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is intended to allow traceability of produce at the case level from source to store. Grocery, food distribution, and restaurant industries are adopting the industry-standard “PTI voice pick code” to permit straightforward implementation of traceability by warehouses using voice technology. The voice pick code combines the Global Trade Item Number, commonly referred to as a GTIN (pronounced GEE-TIN), the lot number, and the date code if present, to create a short, unique, two- or four- digit “hash code”.  Vocollect recommends that for all traceable cases, that a worker is instructed to speak the voice pick code to provide traceability in and out of the DC. 

Through this industry standard PTI Voice Pick Code, Honeywell's Vocollect Solutiosn and our customers are ensuring the highest quality products are making their way into the hands of consumers.  And the shopping public has continued confidence in the foods they are feeding their families and children when purchased from their local retailers.